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5. October 2018

Join our Riders Cup party

During the first ever Riders Cup indoor event, we will be the host of 2 parties and we invite you to join us !

Friday November 2nd will be the official opening of the new arenas. The official opening will be performed by Næstved Mayor Carsten Rasmussen at around 7 o’clock and herafter we invite you to join us for an evening with good food and fantastic wines followed by the most amazing entertainment directly from Marbella, Spain.

Since there will be a limited number of tickets available for the official event, we will host another party Saturday evening – exactly the same set up, just without the official opening – but we can promise you all, that the food, wine and entertainment will be fully up to Riders Cup standard !!

Please contact Glen Nielsen on or 0045 4085 2147 for tickets or more information